Got a question for me?


Hey got a question for me? about my collection? or Britney merch? just Leave me a comment in the comment box and i will get back to you as soon as i can…
This page is to make it easier  for you and me to get what were looking for…
So ask away that’s what i’m here for… 😉


39 thoughts on “Got a question for me?

  1. Well Here Is My ? 1.When Did U 1st started To Collect Mrs Britney Spears 2nd. Do You Have A YouTube Channel So Show us or Whole Collection…3rd.Beside Britney What Item Do Collect? well that it’s…

    • Hi Janessa I made it with a t shirt that i got off e bay i didn’t like the way it looked in reall life so i maed it into a bag with some nice black fabric then i made my own pattern and sewed it on the sewing machine…

  2. hey i first want to start off by saying i am very impressed with your britney collection u have so many things i havent seen for years and used to have and dont have anymore…also have seen things i have never seen before! my question for you is my friend has a britney spears veiw master…its blue and says her name on it and it comes with the white disks with pictures from her 1999 photoshoot like the pic of her next to the pole and the one laying in the grass… i have never seen it before in my life and cant find any website or any pictures of it online…have u ever seen one before? is this a very rare item? how much u think it would sell for?

  3. my ask is kinda stupid… but: where i can get the stages dvd&book? ( i from slovenia) if you know where i can get that tnx many times! 🙂
    i’m britney’s fan too! 2 years 😉

    all the best for you ❤ anja 🙂

  4. Question: Do you know of any place I can get the inflatable chair? I looked on Ebay and Amazon and can’t find it anywhere. Or are you selling yours? Me and my roommate are desperately trying to find it. Any help would be GREAT.

    • You no i have never seen that for salle in years i have never seen it on e bay as well and i’m not selleing the one i have i’m sorry i cant hellp you .. 😦

  5. Hey very nice collection, I have been buyin and collecting Brit for bout 7yrs and I’ve got most of the stuff u got but not all 🙂 I have lots of doubles like the tour bus and concert stages and so many dolls! I wonder some day if her stuff since she had so much made if it will be worth alot? I have over 3K in retail stuff and going, nothing they make today is alike the 1999, 2001 era that’s the problem. Love ur stuff:)

  6. HI again,
    Just wondering if the day comes and u think bout selling the entire collection what kind of dollars are we talkin? $5K or more like $10-15K? I do have that dream of becoming the biggest Britney collector alive! And that kind of $ is not outta my reach, I own a Big company and it’s doing well but I want to stay private thanks.
    You can E-mail me personally if you get some time thanks 🙂

    • Hello there Jeremy
      I do believe that one day everything will be worth alot more then it is today and
      If i ever sold everything together it would be a long time from now like when i’m 40 lol and it has no ware to go i joke about selleing it for $10000 all the time but you never no what will happen i may just never selle it..

  7. Hey 🙂 is that one britney star shirt you have from the baby one more time tour? I’m currently collecting at least 3 your shirts from each of her 6 tours and have only seen one BOMTT shirt and that’s the one I have. 🙂

  8. Hey Nathalie 🙂
    Oh my god 😀 you R so Crazy like me 😀
    Im feelin with ya ❤
    Nice Greetz from Germany :))


    PS: have you Facebook ??

  9. Hi again you are probably sick of me but please please do you know were I can any kind of tour merch from the DWAD,Onyx hotel because really need more I know eBay has some but it’s too much
    Money and most of it’s all bidding please help

  10. Hi again is there anywhere were I could get the femme fatale tour poster because I have lots of femme fatale tour merch but when I seen her in ireland Belfast I forgot about the poster cause I was leaving because the show was over and got out the doors and remembered the poster and I couldn’t get back in

  11. Hi, please I like so much your Silver Britney Jean Top – you have sure one piece, right? Because if you would have more – so I would like to buy from you, you know, please let me know if you will anything sell with Britney. Have a nice day 🙂

    • I’m not sure if that silver top is still available but if your seriously interested i can make you one like it or i can sell you the one and only one how much are you willing to pay?..

  12. Hi,

    please can you let me know if you will sell anything with Britney in the near future or if you can get anything for me with Britney when I will buy it from you, can you help me get anything what I wish?
    Thanks a lot for answer….You have so amazing collection….

  13. I have what I believe to be a designer fur & leather outfit created for a Britney Spears video shoot. I was told that she was given 5 different outfits for a video shoot. The outfit is comprised of a white fur and white leather vest type top and white fur and white leather pants bottom. Paperwork that came with photo shows a model wearing the outfit and instructions as to how to put it on. I have a photo that I can send you if you are interested.

  14. Hi ! I’m Elle and I’m 14 from England I have been a Britney fan since I began listening or hearing music on the radio though I try my hardest to collect merch but I so badly wish I was able to have some of the old stuff…do you know any sites where I can buy any ? x thank you x

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