My Britney Curious and Fantasy Poster’s

Hey here are My Britney Curious and Fantasy  Poster’s Photobucket Photobucket Added to MY Britney Poster’s


5 thoughts on “My Britney Curious and Fantasy Poster’s

  1. How many different tour books did Britney sell during her dream with in a dream tour?
    I saw 4 diff ones

    1) a pic of Britney wearing a bra next to with a guitar as the cover (was one sold like this?)
    2) Britney wearing a jean jacket on cover

    • Hey Angil good Question i have seen 3
      The one i have that’s red, and blue, with a bit of green and she’s wearing that red button dress
      There’s one from the Britney 2001 tour and she’s wearing a bra and it’s alll blue
      There’s one more from the Britny 2001 tour she’s wearing a jean jacket and it’s blue, yellow, green, and white

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